PUMA - remove the past

Jadeveon Clowney is a BEAST. He's a member of the Biggest-Football-Hit-of-All-Time club. The only member. "The Hit" is his famous college highlight that jumpstarted him to early fame along with a multi-million dollar contract with the Houston Texans. He's also sponsored by Puma for some extra chump change. Clowney is a freak, no doubt about it. However, he popped his knee in his NFL debut so he couldn't prove it in his first pro season, resting his laurels on his past. So we created a new advertising space to show this Puma-sponsored athlete is ready to prove himself: the youtube video black-out screen.



The viral college video Jadeveon Clowney is known for.


Drafted #1 overall.
First nfl game... out for the season.
can he prove himself beyond "the hit" as a pro?